An Cliquet
Professor in international and European environmental law. Ghent University

An Cliquet is a fulltime associate professor at the Department of European, public and international law of the Law Faculty of Ghent University. Her research focuses on various aspects of international and European biodiversity law. Recent research deals mostly with legal aspects of ecological restoration and EU nature conservation law.
She co-authored a book on Ecological Restoration in International Environmental Law (Routledge, 2017, with A Telesetsky and A Akhtar-Khavari). Other relevant publications include: Broeckhoven N & Cliquet A (2015) Gender & Ecological restoration: Time to Connect the dots!, Restoration Ecology; Sirakaya A, Cliquet A & Harris J (2017) Ecosystem services in cities: towards a legal protection of ecosystem services in urban environments, Ecosystem services; Cliquet A & Decleer K (2017) Halting and restoring species loss: incorporating the concepts of extinction debt, ecological trap and dark diversity into conservation and restoration law, Griffith Law Review; Cliquet A (2017) International law and policy on restoration, in S Allison and S Murphy (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Ecological and Environmental Restoration; Cliquet A & Decleer K (2019) Linking Restoration Science and Law, in B Richardson & A Akhtar-Khavari (eds.) Ecological Restoration Law: Concepts and Case Studies, Routledge; Cliquet A (2019) Ecological restoration as a legal duty in the Anthropocene, in M Lim (ed.) Charting Environmental Law Futures in the Anthropocene, Springer.
She is the promoter of PhD research on various topics related to biodiversity law, including research on ecological refugees; gender and biodiversity; a rights-based approach to conservation; the protection of the Congo basin; ecological restoration in EU law; health and biodiversity; wildlife trade; the protection of transboundary watercourses under biodiversity law; the protection of the environment during armed conflict; access and benefit-sharing of genetic resources; ecological restoration in China.
She is teaching several courses on international and European environmental and biodiversity law, for both law and natural science students.